Eye ‘Snooper’ Spy On ‘YOU’

We all love a decent Snapchat Story, or a cheeky post on Instagram and some of us love a good catch up with a friend/family on WhatsApp. What I’m getting at is, we all have become lovers of social media (don’t lie). I would be lying if I said I never use one or more of the social sites that exist today and quite frankly I’m sure you would be too.

But then what if you knew that the current government was seeking to place laws to watch EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING?

Put yourself in a scenario where all ‘Social Networking Sights’ that you use are opened up to the Government or the police by the end of this year? How would you all feel about that? Invasion of privacy right?

Well let me tell you all a secret that some of you may already know……..

Which is some of our communicational service providers have some access to our everyday communications already and to be really honest with you I’m not too sure if this invasion of our PRIVACY is actually allowed, but all the same Theresa May (Secretary of State) has warned that The Communication Data Bill A.K.A (Also Known As) ‘The Snoopers Charter’ could be in action by the end of this year in autumn.

Although, reports have stated today that this law has not yet been drafted and that it unlikely to go through.. It does not mean that this couldn’t happen in the future.


So, what is this Snooper Charter?


The Communication Data Bill A.K.A ‘The Snoopers Charter’ is a legislation that has been proposed by Theresa May in the United Kingdom. The legislation would require Internet service providers and mobile phone companies to hold voice calls, mobile phone messaging, email correspondence for as long as 12 months.

This legislation has been backed by Prime Minister David Cameron who in a recent statement said this:

In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which we cannot read?

My answer to that question: “No we must not.”


…..meaning that if the Conservative Party have it their own way The Snoopers Charter could bring an end to encrypted messages….

What does this mean for all of us?

It could mean that all your private communications, such as your personal and private conversation you may have, your naughty pictures that you send to your friends, partners, and co. could be opened up for views to the Government, police, hackers, criminals – (virtually anyone) for as long as 12 months.. Would some of you guys have to be more careful what you search on the net and what you write/send then…???

Now although, technology companies like Apple have spoken against this legislation refusing to remove end to end encryption. The Government has replied that this could lead to those companies that choose not to comply being banned across the UK…OUCHHHH!!!


 So what will happen & why I believe this legislation will not work?

‘The Snooper Charter’ would require details of every mail, website, social media log being recorded.. It’s intrusive to our own lives and will not stand a CHANCE… 

It will be incredibly expensive.. Costing the UK tax payers (me and you) £1.8bn to fund… this money should be used for more suitable funding

It would pose a threat to social security, not to mention benefit cyber criminals who could use personal data to their very own means…(I work in Fraud trust me it already happens!)

Lastly, I am sure it will be unpopular to the public to introduce such a bill… Already 71% of the public have stated that they do not feel that the data collected would be kept secure… and I’m sure you can agree…

Overall.. I am sure many of you can agree that this is an invasion of yours and my own privacy. I feel that the Government needs to rethink its approach to cyber security and not involve the majority of us that are innocent.


Tell me what do you think about ‘The Snoopers Charter’?


Do you think it’s fair? Place your answer in the poll below and leave comments below we need some interaction going..

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    Eye ‘Snooper’ Spy On ‘YOU’

    We all love a decent Snapchat Story, or a cheeky post on Instagram and some of us love a good catch ...
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