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Welcome to ‘MyBreakingViews’

My name is MyBreakingViews, I recently graduated from Kings College London where I studied International Politics. I wanted to originally start a blog for young people to develop an understanding of what is going on in their political world. However, as I have gone through this small process with my readers I have come to an understanding that there is scope to talk on more particular issues… hence why I have now developed my blog further into a website.

I recently read an article that asked the question???

What would make young people get interested in politics?

It is a tuff one, where I had originally wrote about political issues I guessed that the best way was to not just engage and tell young people what is going on politically, but now I know it’s not enough and I now have decided to also open the platform to


Politically there has been major talks on bringing the age of voting from 18 to just 16 years old to vote, it concerns me that young people may not have enough knowledge or basic understanding of what’s actually going on around them to actually cast a vote in any type of election whether it be a General Election, Referendum or even a Local Council Election.I am certainly always asking questions about current issues such as, the Greece Debt Crisis, the Chinese stock market, Immigration, Labours Leadership (which is very soon) and the recent Budget that George Osbourne (Chancellor of the Exchequer) has just brought in and other political issues that are around us daily.

I know not everyone is interested in what’s going on in the world. Many people that explain why they don’t know a lot on political matters or what exactly is going on, is either because they see no reason as to why they need to know anything about issues, that their country or world faces or because they simply just don’t care…….


I find this really hard to understand because what is going on in the world today is extremely important for all of us especially if we want to see real change.

As humans we create the need of politics…. Why? In short because of our own views and differences (as I’m sure you all have a view). Since we disagree with each other on so many issues that surround us daily, we face a choice between constantly complaining about everything around us and fighting to death to impose our own view, but not being heard because we don’t know enough of what’s going on….. So why not stand up for an opinion you own?

So why not stand up for an opinion you own?

For the purpose of this blog I want you, me and the future generation to know more about life, culture and yes politics that occur in our day to day lives…. Although I have a degree in International Politics I will hold up my hands and tell you that I don’t know everything!!

Overall, I hope you learn and gain a real understanding of what issues are actually HAPPENING!! Even if you don’t learn more from MyBreakingViews. I do hope it influences you to read more on the topics I share and if you could bring it back here for all of us to gain better understanding.

As for now enjoy, comment, interact and make suggestions on any particular issues that will be of major interest to you!


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