What Is Hillary Clinton Up To Now?

I have been writing quite a lot and I must say none of it has been deep politics. I have to say I am quite impressed with myself but I did have a thought and although you guessed it from the title you are actually wrong. I wondered what most politicians who stand for general elections do once they have lost the battle, been defeated and thought Clinton would be the best to use as a recent example.
I don’t blame anyone who is defeated by Donald Trump and who then stays low and away from the media. It was a terrible, terrible defeat! I mean right after any contest it’s difficult to show face. So as expected, it seems that Clinton is nowhere to be seen.
I did some searching though.
November last year I wrote an article “I Think Donald Trump Could Be A Good President” and though i know many of my readers, family and friends disagree, my view still stands. Have a read and you may understand why and it may help bridge what I am about to unfold now.
I must say Hillary Clinton did put up a good fight. She didn’t win the election at the Electoral College but she won the popular vote by 2.6 million! Heck she even had Beyonce and Jay Z perform (for a large price i guess). She made herself appear like she would protect black people, other minorities and those who struggle the most. Also women’s rights has always been part of her agenda.
So what is the former Secretary of State, the first female to run for a presidential election as a nominee of one of the two major political parties in the USA doing right now? Okay I can’t be specific to that extent. But it turns out that she was last spotted shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, visiting a bookstore in Rhode Island. Mhmm fancy and well needed after such a defeat.
In her concession speech after the electoral results, Clinton urged her supporters not to grow weary or lose heart “for there are more seasons to come – and there is more work to do”.
I honestly couldn’t agree with Clinton any more. America does need to fulfil its famous tales of the American Dream …. in my lifetime (I hope).
But what does Hillary Clinton actually mean by such statements? 
Well apparently, a senior campaign worker told the press that Clinton “really didn’t contemplate losing” the election and that “no one around the campaign really seem to know what she will do next”.
There are lots of discussions about what she will do next. Some have suggested that she may pour her time and energy into the Clinton Foundation – the charity she and her husband Bill established 19 years ago for women’s rights, etc.
Many have spoken of an autobiography. I know she wrote one in 2003 – the one in which she talked about the lies, deceitfulness and scandals that almost led to her husbands impeachment. This latest one could and would hopefully provide a frank account of the women who appears so reserved and cold to me and many others. It could possibly allow normal people to truly understand her nature and begin to help her in the next election in 2020 – possibly!
Or she might simply step out of the public eye. It has been over 30 years of service. It might be time for her to take a break. She has her daughter Chelsea and also a grandchild, both of whom she adores. Why not kick back for some family time.
Clinton can still go for round 3 but she needs to show her True Colours for me to relate to her. And I’m sure most Americans feel the same way.

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