Make it a habit to visit a new country yearly

Happy New Year all! I hope your year has been good so far!

Things have changed for MyBreakingViews…. Read on!

I lived in Singapore as an exchange student in   . I regret not documenting my stay in Singapore on a blog or a vlog. As many of you may know, when I moved to Singapore, I took it with both hands and also travelled to other countries in South East Asia such as  – which I wish I shared with you all but I wasn’t at such a point in my life at that time. I am now and so will not allow the past to stop me from talking about my recent travels.
For me, talking/writing about it brings it back to life – so you will all be doing me a favour!

As for me I regret to say that I forget ever boarding the plane there and even travelling to the other countries.


Since I started travelling, i have made a conscious decision to travel home (Nigeria) every 1-2 years and so far, I have achieved that. For me it’s been important to know my roots and every time I do travel to Nigeria – which is well known for her rich culture and traditions, I learn something new about my family and the country. That’s hugely important for me.

I have also, which brings me to the title of this blog post,  made it a command to myself that I travel to a new country every year – not just a new country but a country that I would never ever expect myself to go to. Last year I visited Nigeria, Iceland, Spain, Germany and Morocco – and they where all brand new to me (except Nigeria of course).
Brand new; what does that mean to someone. What that means to me is that EVERY single time I make the horrid journey to the airport, go through security and get some nice perfume or makeup from the Duty Free Shop – there is something brand new about each journey. I notably always forget the experience of the airport which, believe it or not, I hate!  Yeah if you’re always the friend holding everyone – which I always am, it becomes a dread.
The things I do love more than compensate though:- the  different cultures, the different environments, the food – which is mostly very new to me (I’m a pushover for trying new things – I’ve eaten duck feet before; don’t ask!), the architecture, the sense of a different identity, a different life somewhere else in another part of the world; heck even the political structure is usually completely different to my own here in the UK. 
I hope to not disappoint my readers so soon but my travels will be coming to a slight default this year. I will now be concentrating on more home grounded things and taking a hiatus on my travels and taking a token off my friends book – “these countries are not going anywhere”.  I shall rekindle my travel-lust in the near future.
While i may not currently be travelling as i may have led you to expect, i do hope you learn the importance of going somewhere new – as often as you can.
What Have I Gained From Travelling?
The most important thing I’ve gained is that my character develops every time I go somewhere new. I always learn something new. I come back with an understanding of a particular moment in my life that I didn’t get to understand when I was home. Interesting I know, but it might even be as little as learning something about the person you travel with or about yourself.All i know is that I always come back with something!
So I urge you to join me and travel somewhere different this and every year.Open yourself up to learn something new about the people around you and most importantly, about yourself – yes, this self!
So, where are you hoping to go this year?
Wishing you an adventurous journey of discovery!

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