Who Is A Really Good Friend?

I think sometimes we need to analyse ourselves and answer this question. It’s possible to think that you are an amazing person – friendly and always there for anyone you love but are you really?

Let’s be real, we are all grown up now. We’ve all had our fair share of relationship breakups – whether it be boyfriends, girlfriends and other great relationships. Things change, people change, situations change. Yes I know everything changes but how much of a good friend are you (or can you be) to yourself – and to others?
Now everyone has a friend; even the most evil human being has a friend, but what makes you a good and genuine friend?
Do you need to say that you are a good friend to know you are a good friend?
Do you need your friends to tell you that you are good friend?
The answer to both of these questions is no!
I have a reason for saying this. I’ve moved around a lot and I have met my fair share of people. People who spend hours telling me how much of an amazing person they are and that they know they are a good person and blah blah …. please shut up! My point is, you just don’t need to do this. You actually just need to be a good person; and also treat other people how you would like to be treated; and that’s it.
Read On For my 6 Thoughts On What Makes A Good Friend. 
Please note this may not apply to everyone. I’ve witnessed people do the absolute opposite. But thankfully I’m not friends with them, so I’m ok.
1. Listen
No seriously, do you listen to your friends? Do your friends listen to you? Sometimes I can get so caught up in myself that I forget to actually just listen to my friends and find out how they are and what have they been doing – even if they haven’t done anything.

2. Honesty
Oh my gosh, this is a big one. I’ve had people that I classified as friends in the past and thought that they had been honest with me. Nah, actually I knew when they lied and that’s why we are no longer friends.Honesty is a huge factor in friendship. If you don’t have it you have to ask yourself why? Why are you not honest with each other.
3. Loyalty
This is also of huge importance for me. I need to trust your loyalty. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when this is tested but I have to know you are very a loyal person, seriously. I am very careful when I meet people. I find myself testing them (unconsciously). If my sprit doesn’t take to them, then I just don’t trust them. It’s not foolproof but it’s a good start.

  4. Respect

Respect or the lack of it is a major sign for things to come in any relationship.A person who does not respect you enough or not at all, is telling you that he or she places little or no value on you! ……and what happens to things of little or no value? They end up in the thrash bin! So if you hang around such people, don’t be surprised when they start treating you like thrash!

5. Personal Space
I always need my space. I crave for it and luckily I have good friends who understand and respect that. In the past I’ve met people who didn’t like it and take it completely the wrong way but it’s about understanding someone’s personality and recognising that we are all different in some ways. It’s about understanding your friends.
6. Forgiveness
This is something I have learnt the hard way, seriously. Forgiveness is so important. There’s so much power in forgiveness. People do make mistakes and if you can forgive them, it can sometimes make the relationship stronger and better. I did say sometimes. Sometimes it can make you open your eyes and see things differently. There are people who may no longer even be your friends but just forgiving them for their wrongdoings towards you is peace of mind for you; and release for them.
Now I am not an expert in relationships, I promise you, but I have seen several people come and go; and I can finally confidently say that I have been blessed with the most loyal and trustworthy people around me, thank God!

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