The Best And Worst Airlines For Holiday Travel

I think it is fair to say that I have received substantial air miles in the last 5 years. When I lived in Singapore and travelled around South East Asia, I wasn’t aware that I could collect air miles so if it’s something you haven’t started doing, then get on it! Unfortunately, I never stick to one particular airline in order to collect air miles and I always go for the cheap and cheerful,  so I didn’t really get to experience air mile privileges, but I am sure I will sometime in the future.

I have flown with so many different airlines; and like you, I have faced many different experiences with these airlines. I thought it might be a good idea to share my best airlines and my worst airlines with MyBreakingViewers.

Before we proceed further, let me state clearly that this is not to discourage you from flying any airline just because of what I’ve said because you may in fact have a different experience of course; and if you do, please share with me.

Singapore Airlines

Hahaha of course I have to mention this airline. This has to be the BEST airline that I’ve had the pleasure of flying on. I will explain why…. back in 2013 I was a baby to flying around the world. I had been to less than five countries and decided that I HAD to take a direct flight because I had never taken an indirect flight by myself and I didn’t want to miss my flight (trust me there has been close calls in the past).

Anyways, …. drifting off as I always tend to do…. the flight to Singapore from London was spectacular!  It was 12 hours and 40 mins (which seems hella long). At the time, I didn’t remember feeling it. This might be because I was soo excited to be leaving the UK for 7 months to live in a HOT country. First they departed on time – which is always, always a brownie point with me. Then they also arrived on time; customer service was decent, the food was pretty good for flight standards and I was able to have a little snooze; considering I never sleep on flights, this is amazing.

And oh yes, they had Wi-Fi – which has to be the most amazing thing for me. Me and Wi-Fi are absolute besties.

British Airways…

I’ve flown British Airways a few times now – Nigeria, Marbella and Amsterdam – which has always been surprisingly pleasant. (I need to seriously consider collecting air miles here) Unfortunately, flying to Nigeria, they didn’t depart on time, but other times they have departed on time. The food again was good and they seemed to understand some Nigerians who bring 6 blue shopping bags plus their 10kg suitcases. LOOOL Trust me, it’s an actual thing and if you’ve been to Nigeria in the last few years, you would have seen it yourself. All the same they always seem to be quite accommodating.




A very nice airline – good movies, departed on time, the food was ok and I do remember the service being quite nice. I have only flown with them once though, when going to Dubai. The flights to the Middle East always seem to be nicer. It was a pleasant trip to be honest with you and I would much welcome anyone who has flown with them, to share their experience because I don’t remember much about them having a huge impact on me.


Delta Airlines / Virgin Airlines…

Again only done a few flights with them and that has always been to the United States or Nigeria (I sense another blog post in the air). I come across like I go to Nigeria a lot, I don’t I promise you (well not enough in my opinion). These airlines are usually cheap and cheerful – if you book in good time; and they provide you with lots of details. What I love about these airlines is that their movies seem to be the best… you can never go wrong with the latest Fast and Furious?



Ok, we are now moving on towards the worst airlines…. Sorry there was a time I had an indirect flight with KLM to Nigeria. This was about the time when I was branded as ‘the traveller’ (as many now call me). On the way there, I had nothing to worry about because KLM decided to go on strike, which meant my travel agency put me on British Airways. It was the best thing since slice bread! On my way back, it was another ball game entirely. I landed in PARIS-CHARLES DE GAULLE and had to find my own way (own money) to the other Airport to get a connecting flight home! It may have been a misread for myself, but I have noticed that when you book an indirect flight, make sure you know what Airport the connecting flight is departing from. KLM now write  ‘AIRPORT CHANGE’ – which suggests it hasn’t just been me that missed the memo.


Etihad Airways…


Horrible! is the best way I can explain this airline. So disorganised! I couldn’t believe how angry it made me. I would like to consider myself quite the organised type, well to some degree… I always check-in-online and did this for Etihad. When I then arrived at the airport, I had to join a queue which was longer than my contact list! Do you know what they had decided to do? They had decided that there wasn’t going to be the usual ‘bag drop’ service for people who had already checked in online! There was soooo many complaints from customers. The airline seemed not to understand the concept of why people earlier checked in online. This was so annoying because I wasn’t able to do the duty-free shopping which I wanted to do and had to rush to board the plane. Oh and to top that off, the plane departed LATE!!! I will never fly with them again!!!


Air Asia…

One of the worst airlines I have ever flown in my life! Although, they may have improved by now. If you have travelled within South East Asia, you will understand me I’m sure. To be fair they are quite similar to Ryan Air which is also a horrible airline but cheap and if you want to travel to different countries for less than £50 these are the airlines to do it with. I would say they are that cheap for a reason, but for me I don’t think just because an airline is cheap they shouldn’t depart on time. Hey that’s MyBreakingViews. I remember flying back from Cambodia to Singapore and I just was so over them. They made me so angry I began to cry – that’s how delayed the flights where! I mean I was slightly younger than and had a tendency to throw big tantrums. Oh yes; and no food, no Wi-Fi, no luggage (unless you pay for it).


WOW air…

A pretty decent airline – without the flight delay, I flew with them when I went to Iceland and because Iceland was such an amazing place, I couldn’t really complain about the airline. However, I have noticed that when you are returning from your holiday, you want things to run smoothly. This didn’t quite happen I’m afraid. I remember my flight was in the very early hours of the morning at like 8 am. And yes, I did wake up at 6am to get to the airport – only to realise that my flight had been delayed until after 10am! I was clearly not impressed. What is even worse was that I was so ready to make a complaint (you know you can do this after 3 hours delay right? And get your money back) but the flight was only delayed by two hours… SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!!

I think I could be here forever, complaining about airlines to be quite frank, but honestly I would be here forever.

What about you, MyBreakingViewers followers? Which airlines would you recommend? Which ones would you suggest to stay away from?



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    The Best And Worst Airlines For Holiday Travel

    I think it is fair to say that I have received substantial air miles in the last 5 years. When I ...
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