How I Went To Morroco For Less Than £200

When I see people that I haven’t seen for some time, the very first thing they say to me is:

“Miss International!”

 “You’re always travelling!”

 “Oh my gosh you’re in the country!”

True, if I am not eating or making money, I am planning my next holiday!

I would be lying if I said that I usually spend a fortune on these holidays. Of course some holidays you have to close your eyes and just pay up – which is why I usually go away for my birthday. But just like you, I like a good old bargain. So if I can go on holiday for free, I will. However, whilst we still have to pay for our holidays I want to tell you how to go to Morocco for less than £200 (because it is possible).

  1. Fly Out During Non-peak Periods

Remember when I said that I always go on holiday during my birthday? Turns out I was born in September. Back in the day, this used to be the month when everyone went back to school.. hahaha. So, that’s how it always works out cheaper for me to fly out in Sept.

Drifting again … (don’t I always?….Sorry). So,  I went to Morocco in November and it worked out at only £59 pounds for my return flights… bargain right? Plus, it’s still relatively warm in November; and less busy with tourists – which for me is always a plus.

  1. Do Shorter Breaks Rather Than Longer

Yes, take shorter breaks – less than 5 days are always good (for me); and if you can fly out on a Friday evening, you only need to take two working days off. Smart eh? However, I know some people are not set up like that. The reason I say do short breaks is so you can squeeze as many holidays into one year. For example, the year I went to Morocco I was able to also go to 4 other countries in that same year! Trust me short breaks are the BEST!

I went to Morocco for 3 days and flew out on the 4th day – which was nice for me. I just needed a small break and I got that. I know people enjoy spending 7-10 days, which can also be good but personally, I can’t stand being away for long periods of time because I get so exhausted with all the sightseeing and partying. What many don’t realise is that the longer you are away, the more you have to spend on accommodation and that is usually the highest expense. Cheap holidays like Morocco can be visited again and again. So, why waste all your holiday on just one trip?


  1. Book In Advance

I should really take my own advice with this one because I do not ever book in advance. I wish I did though.

It’s always good to book a cheap holiday early in the year because then, you know you don’t have to use all your money in one go. At least, if you booked a holiday for November now, you would only need to worry about spending money.


4. Book your flights with…

I have only used two different sites for booking my flights:



These two websites are the best at comparing cheap flights and the earlier you book ahead, the cheaper the flights are! In the past, if I have constantly checked for flights, the price goes up and no one wants that.

5. Give yourself a budget

Yes again another one that I need practise. Sadly I don’t have budgets because I think when you are on holiday you should enjoy yourself as much as possible, but again if you have a budget you won’t over spend and if you are smarter than me you will plan ahead.

Get all the clothes you need for your holiday so all you will need to spend money on is food and transport. The hotel I stayed in had breakfast, which I stuffed myself with so wasn’t really hungry until late afternoon. This saves a lot of money.

I hope you enjoyed the few photos and have learnt that you can see the world without spending a fortune.


Until next time.


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  1. Jay

    March 15, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    Great tips! I definitely want to get in more short breaks this year!


    • MBV

      March 18, 2018 at 2:50 pm

      Hey Jay,

      Thank you for reading!

      Yeah I know the feeling I want to get into more small trips this year,w like within Europe. Do you have any plans to go anywhere?



  2. Lauren Oyinloye

    March 17, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    I loved this post because I can relate to it so much! I too, visited Morocco last year for my girls’ birthday, love a bargain holiday and as a result was able to travel 5 times last year loool

    Great post hun.

    Loz xo


    • MBV

      March 18, 2018 at 2:53 pm

      Hey Love,

      Thanks for reading my post!

      Snap!! I did 5 countries in one year and absolutely loved it. I’m still trying locate some places so if you can give any suggestion, please let me know.



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