Actions speak louder than words Mr Corbyn

Actions speak louder than words… I’m sure you have been there when someone has said they will do something, but in actual fact they have done the opposite making their words mean nothing. It’s an awful feeling right? Mr Corbyn has only been in two minutes and is already making promise after promise. Let’s see some of these promises he has said to come into act if he is elected in the next general election…

On Defence… Corbyn has stated that he will block David Cameron’s attempts to launch air strikes in Syria, rightly stating that “it will be the innocent Syrians who will suffer”. He has also showed no desire for the trident nuclear and has called on a plea to create peace with the Middle East …..

On Economy & Taxation… Corbyn would like the deficit down. He has stated that he wants to increase investment which, he believes will grow the economy. He has also proposed a “people Quantitative easing”- this would allow the Bank Of England to print more money to invest on large scales of housing, energy, transport and so on..

On Education… he wants to create a National Education Service – this would mean Universal childcare, more power to local authorities, introductions to minimum wage for apprentices and more money into adult learning and ……….get this guys a scrap on tuition fees!!

On Europe… the BIG ONE. He wants to stay in the European Union. He has made the point that we need to question the role that the EU are playing and how Britain falls into that role – particularly on topics such as the Refugee crisis, the Greeks bailout and working regulations.

On Housing… he has announced that there should be rent controls in places like Central London. Mr Corbyn said that uncontrolled rent increases has resulted in “social cleansing”. He said: [People are] “forced to move away. If we can’t control rents then the very least we can do is keep families together.

On the NHS… Removing any element of privatisation in the National Health Service is a priority for Mr Corbyn. He wants to “ensure it’s completely publicly run and publicly accountable”.

Don’t get me wrong I love Mr Corbyn and I do believe he has shown us a new side to politics … but (there’s always a but) what I can say is maybe he might be moving a little too fast and might need to just slow down just a little bit on all the promises his making.

We have already had bad experiences of politicians saying they will do something and it just doesn’t ever happen…Maybe it’s me… Corbyn could be really genuine.I just don’t feel he needs to rush with all these promises his going to make once elected its not fair on anybody especially us.



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