Follow Your Instincts & Remain Patient: Happy New Year, All.

Wooow. Where did 2016 go???!!!

I must say that I am disappointed to see many social media posts showing some depressing narrations of how badly 2016 had treated them. Was it really that bad? I don’t think it was all bad! In fact, I feel that last year can be considered to be a successful year for many.

On a personal level, I took a big leap in my faith, achieved a start to my career and among other things, re-launched my website – MyBreakingViews.

How about you? I would like you to be honest and comment below:

1) What have you achieved in 2016?
2) What do you plan to achieve in 2017?
3) And for those who didn’t achieve, what challenges were there?
4) How do you plan to overcome those challenges in 2017?

I believe that writing things down do help reflect and put things into perspective for all of us.

Anyone who runs a blog or any other social media platform knows that although it’s something you may have decided to do in your spare time – be it in the area of your special interest, passion or to fill a niche in the market. It can however be incredibly time consuming and difficult at the best of times. And I do salute myself and everyone who have not only created a brand but successfully put it out there – sharing their opinions, views, experiences; and if brave enough, their real story.

I’ve never been good at telling my stories to people and I am terrible at sharing experiences of the past. I like to keep things very private.

One thing I have noticed in my research of successful blogs though, is that the more honest, direct, real, open and personal you can be on your website the more people can identify with you, see your passion and drive; and of course, interests.

With that being said I truly believe it’s what God has called me to do – to be more personal on my blog for my readers to actually understand who I am and what MyBreakingViews is.

Some of the things I’ve touched on this year have been very real, direct and straight to the point. For example, I Think Donald Trump Could Be A Good President or Theresa May’s Cabinet Disaster – both of which I am pleased I wrote about but what did I gain or learn from writing them? Most importantly what did my readers gain from them? I feel that I haven’t put enough of my heart and sweat into my website though. I have more or less seen the vision clearly but I’m yet to put in enough of the much-needed time, work and scope.

That in essence, is now having an impact on my output!

MyBreakingViews is my baby and will officially have more of my attention this year.

So, what is New for MyBreakingViews

I will now be stripping myself (not literally, dirty minds!lol) and bringing my posts more to life by giving you my own real life experiences.

Although, I have a passion for politics (I say that enough!), I am also a traveller at heart & I will be writing more on that. I will also be looking to engage my readers with some of my travels from the past, bringing them back to life. There is a lot I’ve learnt from them, which I am also sure you can also.

I will also be making conscious efforts to attend networking events & getting my brand out there. I will then be sharing my views on the networking outings or events that I attend or participate in, – in the hope that we can all learn from my experiences. So I shall be sharing my lifestyle.

If you know of any events that I should attend please do not hesitate to contact me.

Most importantly I will be sharing my journey that I have decided to take to know God more. To put all my faith in the Lord. I know that we can all teach each other and learn from one another. I will be sharing a lot of teachings of great impact on my social network sights.

I pray that this year 2017 is successful for all of us. That whatever we put our minds and hands upon will come to light and prosper.

That we will grow & encourage each other to be best we can be.

My biggest lesson has been to stay patient & follow my instincts.

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” Romans‬ ‭8:18‬ ‭

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