How To Not Spend A Penny This Xmas!

Broke this Xmas?

How to get through it without buying anything!

Oh the 25th of December has not always been the best day for me until the last few years when I have spent it with my amazing family. It’s a day for many of us to spend with family or friends (I say that with caution), to buy presents and to simply stuff your face until the sight of food makes you want to throw up.

Apologises for the imagery on the last one.

But as we get older or as I have gotten older, I have noticed that my Christmas list continues to grow longer and longer and the presents become more expensive. As an adult you can no longer buy your cousin a cheap mascara right?

I’m beginning to feel the dizziness of present buying and gift wrapping…

I’m sure you are too. It’s estimated that over 25% of us spend more than we actually have on Christmas presents – ouch that’s a lot! Hence the reason I have decided to write a quick process on how you can save some money and if you carry on reading this, you can even save a lot of money or not spend a dime.

Right let’s get started!!

Don’t buy anything for anyone!

I have never done this before. I mean come on, the awkwardness when you are opening up presents and you haven’t got anything for the person giving you is not the best scenario anyone wants to be in on Christmas Day… but I will be taking my own advise this time around. I think I’m quite lucky as I won’t be spending Christmas as I normally do because of a scheduled minor operation.

The not buying anything for anyone would need to be agreed with everyone that you spend the day with of course; as that could be again extremely awkward. I know many families that do it now as they feel that Christmas is a day to be spent with family and be warm and cosy. Try it… Let me know how it goes.

Make your gifts yourself.

I have to say, last year my cousin was proactive in saving money on Christmas and to be fair she made some really lovely presents that I used throughout this year.

Yes you’ll be surprised what you can find on websites such as eBay and Amazon. My cousin found natural ingredients to make lip balms, hand creams, shampoo, perfumes, the lot and the best selling point is that when a friend or family member opens the present it was all made with love and the natural goodness. Ohh and it’s good for you!

Secret Fanta AKA Secret Santa

Now I think this can work really well if you come from a big family and even a small family. Why not buy one present for the family, something they all can all use or share.

I think everyone knows how this goes right, but if you don’t … like you do with your friends or work colleagues you get your families names in a bag ( go by surnames if you can) and you have the youngest (within reason) pick the names out of the bag. Your family will buy for that family.

Warning!It does require reuniting before Christmas or whenever you decide to exchange presents.
And the present well I’m not the best at presents, but it could go really well and will be cost effective.

Why not?

A fave tv series may go a long way – Game of Thrones maybe? Or why not a good old box of Celebrations or Quality Streets. If your family is like mine they can then give that to another family who will appreciate it more.

I would like a holiday but that may be pushing it especially if you only get a box of celebrations in return – hey it is the thought that counts and in life I’ve learnt you don’t give to receive.

All the same, please remember the reason for Christmas and try to enjoy it for yourself and even for me.

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    How To Not Spend A Penny This Xmas!

    Broke this Xmas? How to get through it without buying anything! Oh the 25th of December has not always been the ...
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