Maintenance Grants Scrapped! What???

Okay let me get this straight! First, the coalition government (Liberal Democrats & The Conservative Party) stab young people in the back (mainly the Lib Dems – because it was the young people who voted for them) by increasing tuitions fees to over £9,000 a year – which makes me even angrier because I know my baby brother is paying for this! And now? Well now the Conservatives have replaced maintenance grants with official loans! Meaning that you will no longer be able to obtain a grant, you will only get loans which means you will have to pay it all back!
Please tell me what’s next on the agenda?! How much more are they going to make the underprivileged struggle in this country?

Getting a loan, for many British students to go to university/college is a pretty standard process. I got a loan and pretty much all my friends who attended University with me also got loans; and grants for that matter! This helped with living costs, food, books, clothes, and holidays (for some). But this is about to change for students as maintenance grants have now been replaced with loans!

I apologise that I keep repeating myself but I am just in shock! What?! It’s not only me who thinks this way. It’s the same reaction that I got the other day when I told my friend on our way home from a networking event, that there are no more maintenance grants: to which she explained to me that her grant was more than the actual loan itself and I am sure many people will agree with her because for many people, it was. If they are now making it a loan which has to be repaid while earning £21,000 a year – which many people can earn without any qualification, talk less of a degree! It makes you wonder why one should even bother going to University/College!

If they are increasing loans and scrapping maintenance grants, they are obviously emphasising the fact that they only want the most privileged to go to University. It is utterly disgusting how this was the only way they felt they could reduce the deficit of this country! I mean it’s not like they don’t spend money on other useless things such as weapons. Or better still, what happened to the money that was supposed to come back to us if we voted to leave the EU? Oh yes that was a lie wasn’t it? and so was the government’s promise to look after the underprivileged!
Time and time again we are being lied to, being treated unfairly; and quite frankly punished for not being privileged!

How can the government think or believe that this is a good decision or fair legislation?! It’s way over my head that anyone can justify this retrogressive legislation! Do they want the less underprivileged and especially ethnic minorities to attend universities at all? Or do they just want to throw another statistic in the air; blame the poorest for high crime rates, ostensibly because they don’t have the motivation to further their education because they fear the lifetime debt that will become their lot when they finish college? What about the next generation? Are they going to be faced with even more hurdles to get further education?

All I can say for now is this: that scrapping maintenance grants is going to work, getting the underprivileged young people exactly where you want them to be – not able to afford attending University or College! They want you to think like this! That’s exactly how they want you to think! And it angers me! Does that mean you should allow them?

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    Maintenance Grants Scrapped! What???

    Okay let me get this straight! First, the coalition government (Liberal Democrats & The Conservative Party) stab young people in the ...
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  1. Mary

    August 9, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    I think it is disgusting what they have done


    • MyBreakingViews

      August 14, 2016 at 12:42 am

      I totally agree I think we are going to have higher fees for the next generation!


  2. Andre

    September 20, 2016 at 8:22 am

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    • MyBreakingViews

      September 20, 2016 at 6:41 pm

      ohh really how?


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