Make It A Habit To Visit A New Country Yearly

Happy New Year all! I hope your year has been good so far!

I lived in Singapore as an exchange student in 2013 for 7 months. As many of you may know, when I moved to The Lion City, I took it with both hands and travelled to other countries in South East Asia such as Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines and many more – which I wish I shared with you all but I wasn’t at such a point in my life at that time. I am now and so will not allow the past to stop me from talking about my recent travels.

For me, talking/writing about it brings it back to life – so you will all be doing me a favour!

Angkor Wat In Cambodia

Me & My Girl Jade In The Philippines

From travelling, I have made a conscious decision to travel home (Nigeria) every 1-2 years and so far, I have achieved that. For me it’s been important to know my roots and every time I do travel to Nigeria – which is well known for her rich culture and traditions, I learn something new about my family and the country. That’s hugely important for me.

I have also, which brings me to the title of this blog post, made it a command to travel a new country every year – not just a new country but a country that I would never ever expect myself to go to. Last year I visited Nigeria, Iceland, Spain, Germany and Morocco – and they were all brand new to me (except Nigeria of course).

Brand new; what does that mean to someone. What that means to me is that EVERY single time I make the horrid journey to the airport, go through security and get some nice perfume or makeup from the Duty-Free Shop – there is something brand new about each journey. Notably I always forget the experience of the airport which, believe it or not, I hate! Yeah if you’re always the friend holding everyone – which I always am, it becomes a dread.

Morocco YSL Garden

After The Blue Lagoon

The things I do love more than compensate though: the different cultures, the different environments, the food – which is mostly very new to me (I’m a pushover for trying new things – I’ve eaten duck feet before; don’t ask!), the architecture, the sense of a different identity, a different life somewhere else in another part of the world; heck even the political structure is usually completely different to my own here in the UK.

Waterfalls In Iceland

Issele Ukwu Nigeria

I hope to not disappoint my readers so soon but my travels will be coming to a slight default this year. I will now be concentrating on more home grounded things such as, property buying and taking a hiatus on my travels and taking a token off my friend’s book – “these countries are not going anywhere”. I shall rekindle my travel-lust in the near future.

While I may not currently be travelling as I may have led you to expect, I do hope you learn the importance of going somewhere new – as often as you can.

What Have I Gained From Travelling?

The most important thing I’ve gained is that my character develops every time I go somewhere new. I always learn something new. I come back with an understanding of a particular moment in my life that I didn’t get to understand when I was home. Interesting I know, but it might even be as little as learning something about the person you travel with or about yourself.

All I know is that I always come back with something!

So I urge you to join me and travel somewhere different this and every year.Open yourself up to learn something new about the people around you and most importantly, about yourself.

So, where are you hoping to go this year?

Wishing you an adventurous journey of discovery!

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    Make It A Habit To Visit A New Country Yearly

    Happy New Year all! I hope your year has been good so far! I lived in Singapore as an exchange student ...
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  1. Amanda Tran | LVV Travel

    January 15, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Sounds like you had a great 2016 and what a great opportunity to study exchange too! We’re travelling through SE Asia now for 3 months, then a 2 month road trip through Western Australia and then a couple of weeks in Sri Lanka. All the best for 2017 travels!


    • MyBreakingViews

      January 15, 2017 at 8:12 pm

      That sounds more than amazing! What areas are you doing in SE Asia?
      I will try and go somewhere this year!


  2. Debbie

    January 21, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    Great post! Travelling for me has been a learning experience. As like you said, I have been able to learn more about myself and the friends I travelled with, but also just people in general and how we are so different but ultimately the same.


    • MyBreakingViews

      January 24, 2017 at 5:41 pm

      Thank you so much for reading this!


      • Debbie

        January 24, 2017 at 7:57 pm

        It was an interesting read! 😊


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