The Labour Leadership Election

Just as the general election (7th May 2015) has come and gone. It seems the next big topic the British politicians are talking about is the Labour Leadership Election. How exciting I know, but this could be very important for all of us regardless of what political party you stand for so do read on..

Why is there a Labour Leadership election?

Some of you may already know that after the poor defeat The Labour Party experienced, the former party leader Ed Miliband stepped down leaving nobody to lead the party- hard times. No really its been up and down, left and right and FINALLY! We have 4 candidates who want to be the next face of the Labour Party..

I have decided to give a very basic description of who’s who and hopefully you can base a decision for who you think should be the next party leader..and who could actually win the next general election?

Contender 1: Andrew Murray Burham, 45 years old 


This is Andrew Murray Burham A.K.A The Striker. Burham is a middle child (oh dear, you know what that means) – his Dad was a BT engineer and his mother a GP receptionist. Born and bred basically in Liverpool.. well brought up in Culcheth which is very close! He has 3 children and oh yes is happily married. He loves a bit of sports was a striker for the Demon Eyes football team (is that a good team guys? I wouldn’t know).

The Striker

Burham has been a Labour Member of Parliament (MP) for Leigh since 2001. He promises (as they always do) to take The Labour Party out of the ‘Westminster Bubble’ and hopes to give people a vision  of helping ‘everyone get on in life’. 

Contender 2: Liz Kendall, 44 years old


This is Liz Kendall A.K.A Hip- Hop Lover was born Abbots Langley near Watford. Her Dad was a Liberal councillor (talk about party differences) and her mother was a primary school teacher. Kendall is not married and doesn’t have any children.

Hip- Hop Lover

Has been a Labour MP for Leicester West since 2010 and as they all do made the announcement that she wants Labour to have a “fresh start” and that she is the only one willing to change the party to win the general election in 2020. Promises to regain the public’s trust in the economy. Oh and has a love for her Hip- Hop, particularly Dr. Dre.

Contender 3: Jeremy Corbyn, 66 years old


This is Jeremy Corbyn A.KA. The Jam Maker was born close to home in Wiltshire, Chippenham. His Dad was an electrical engineer and his mother a maths teacher. Corbyn has been married 3 times and like the other two contenders has three children. He loves making a bit of jam with fruit grown in his allotment.

The Jam Maker

He has been a Labour MP for Islington North since 1983 (way before our time guys) and was a councillor in Haringey, London. Has announced that if there is a budget deficit in 2020 he will balance the books “through building a strong growing economy that works for all”. He promises to protect public services but wants to increase taxes on the wealthy.

Contender 4: Yvette Cooper, 46 years old


This is Yvette Cooper A.K.A The Taxi Driver, her Dad was in politics being a former general secretary of the Trade Unions. She was born in Scotland in a city called Inverness and is married with Ed Balls and like Burham has 3 children who she has to be a taxi driver for…

The Taxi Driver

Cooper has been a Labour MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford since 2010 (you may have to google maps, sorry!!). Cooper has announced that “our promise of hope wasn’t strong enough to drown out the Tory and UKIP voices of fear” talking about the last general election here! She has promised a stronger economy and a less divided society.

The ballot will commence on the 10th September 2015 with announcements of the winner on the 12th September.



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    The Labour Leadership Election

    Just as the general election (7th May 2015) has come and gone. It seems the next big topic the British politicians ...
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