The Migration Crisis: ‘Dead or Alive’ they are coming and they will keep coming.

David Cameron was accused today of failing to get a grip on the Calais Crisis and leaving the French to deal with 4,000 people that have arrived in the last 3 days. Cameron called the immigrants a ‘swarm of people. Umm yes you read right a ‘swarm’ he should remember his talking about human’s not ‘insects’ ….

Illegal immigration has to be one of the biggest political problems Europe is currently facing today. The flow of migrants coming from N. Africa hoping to reach Europe has increased by 149% since last year. Greece and Italy being at the frontline of this and are now asking other European Union (E.U) partners to do more to help. (As a Union should rightly work together)

What has caused the rise?

Of course each and every migrant has their own individual reason why they have come to Europe. Many are desperate to flee the horrific condition their countries are facing like the war or basic human rights that some of us take for granted.
Take Libya for example, currently facing a Civil War- where the two governments are at rival of control…Which has opened doors for human traffickers to exploit migrants, who believe that they are going to a better life.

Are the governments working together? 

There is some ‘heat’ going on involving what to do about the ‘migration’s crisis’ – some E.U governments have argued over proposals to spread the burden of housing immigrants under a quota system.

Plans are to take 40,000 asylum seekers from these countries over the next two years. Has this been implemented? Well my guesses are as good as yours!

Could this pose a threat to E.U?

Today there are over 5,000 migrants in Calais, France many are living in what’s called a makeshift camp with poor condition A.K.A “The Jungle”.

Historically immigration has been viewed by some beneficial for the economy, it has allowed cultural diversity. However, the recent flow of  immigration can be viewed very differently. With Greece and Italy being the main points of arrival. I am sure many of us can understand why this may cause a major threat to the E.U as a whole…

  • Greece already has its own problem… austerity has pushed the country into real poverty and the rest of Europe.
  • Migrants that have arrived into the E.U are not required to identify themselves. This could be seen to be a security threat.
  • Some have even argued that there is a possible fear of Ebola being carried into the E.U causing wide concerns.
  • The worst, there is nowhere to put them, but we can’t just turn them away can we?

My #Breakingviews these people are humans we must not forget that and as for the government of all the European Union countries… no one has any right to be placing blame on anyone. As a memeber of the E.U you would think that “we are all in this together.”

What the govt. need to be doing is working ‘together’ to find a solution for these poor humans that are so desperate for their lives. Will the situation get worst? Most likely yes.
They know the risks, they know people have died in the process of getting to the UK but, they are willing to risk their life to make it to to their destined country..




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