The November 2016 American Elections Will Make History!

In the midst of all that is currently going on around the world – Zika virus, the military coup in Turkey, misplaced terrorism allegations, terrorist killings in France and Germany, crash in Italy, racist hatred and Brexit in the UK – it does worry me that either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton will become the next president of the United States of America (USA). More so because of the fact that as president, Trump or Clinton becomes the leader of the free world. By the way, the USA has never had a women president before. To be honest, I don’t fancy either of the candidates and I hope you will understand why by the end of this article.

It only really came to my attention this week that the famous real estate mogul and reality star, Donald Trump has become the Republican Party nominee and could, come November be elected president of the United States of America. The US primary elections had gone on for so long that I only usually just dip in and dip out of what’s going on; but honestly, if someone had told me that Trump would become the Republican Party nominee, I would never have believed it! Many high ranking Republicans can’t seem to believe it either and some even boycotted the Republican Party Convention where Trump officially accepted his nomination!

Now as some of you may or may not know, the American elections are usually, to some degree, highly interesting – simply because they go on for so long and can be overly dramatic and entertaining apart from being commercialised. We have to remember that America is a very big country. Leadership is unlike in the UK where the party elect their leaders and we, the public then elect the party. Its direct in America. One person (American born and with enough influence) can wake up one day and say they want to be the next president – heck I am sure I have heard Kanye West say he will be running. Then comes a series of primary elections (and debates), in which the public partake in all the states. This knocks out the losers and then finally, in the few months before the actual presidential election, there are the two main Party Conventions (the Democratic Party and the Republican Party) to nominate each party’s flag-bearer – in this case, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is remarkably awful (in my opinion). He is a bully, is rude, arrogant, racist, sexist……gosh, I don’t even know if I can stop (but I will). Everything he says rings alarm bells everywhere and to think he is now the Republican party nominee absolutely terrifies me (and many more across the world)! However, as much as I don’t want to get into everything Trump has said, several questions do spring to my mind and they are: is the general public agreeing with this man or is the support he seems to enjoy simply just for show? I would say both but more of the latter as I do feel that American elections do tend to be somewhat entertaining – and Trump has been causing quite a public stir in communities and on social media.


And then there is Hillary Clinton, who out of the both of them I prefer, but still, she also strikes alarm bells for me. More admirable for her statements, though maybe too good. With lots of baggage – the email scandal and her failure to take responsibility, the Benghazi, Lybia attack in which the US ambassador and others were killed, FBI background checks on political figures and her alleged knowledge of her husband’s sexual harassment of several women over many decades – does make me think that she is not someone that should be trusted. However, despite what I have said about the two, I would prefer Clinton. This is because of her vast and long experience in and out of government – having been first lady for two terms, she knows what is expected in the White House. She has also been Senator and Secretary of State so she understands local and international affairs and politics. As a young lawyer, she was an advocate for women and children’s rights etc. And of course she is a women and it does seem that women are the making of the political world these days (men can disagree) – with Angela Markel of Germany considered the most powerful leader in Europe, Theresa May, new Prime Minister of Britain and now Hilary Clinton becoming the first woman nominee of the Democratic Party, and thus the first woman nominee of any political party in the history of the United States of America!


The real electioneering campaign in my opinion, have just begun, so of course more will be spoken about it until November, when the actual election takes place. Who will win? Though both candidates equally have national unpopularity ratings of currently 58% (37% favourable); and the most recent polls show a tie, American voters have to make that choice in what now promises to be the most unpredictable election in recent American history. It’s a shame that I can’t make a prediction though but all I will say for now is: May the best candidate win.

Whatever choice the American voters make, we are all about to see history being made.

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