There truly is no place like home ….

Home is a place where you should feel safe, warm and most importantly yourself. You can smile, laugh, cry, eat, sleep, argue, talk (you name it). It’s the place that you share with yourself, family and sometimes friends, possibly a pet. A PLACE…. you can go back to and most importantly a place that can be deeply missed. You can stay at a friends for a night and go home or even make a quick trip with your friends or family and know that home is close by when you want to return quickly.

Now what if you know you’re going away from home and don’t know when you will return?

That’s when home becomes different every day. It can be in England one day and be Singapore the next or it can go downhill and be anything from a bus, train to a hostel and if you’re lucky a nice hotel (but don’t count on it.)

This time last year I settled out for the best 6 months of my life. I was moving to Singapore. What to expect was yet to know of. One thing for sure is now despite the fact that I loved it and hated it. I would NEVER miss such an opportunity of a lifetime…. Living in Singapore was amazing in one word. I honestly can’t express the journey that I have experienced a year on, until you lived it it’s when you can actually understand it, sharing and writing about it almost brings it back to life and hopefully shall give you an ounce of what it was like. Being back in the world of reality makes the whole experience feel like a dream a distant dream, almost like it never really happened. When I know that it DID!!!

I have been back home (the UK) almost 7 months today… (currently getting ready for my graduation ceremony), yet the memories of my travels and studying in Singapore are so distant it becomes depressing thinking about it. Bringing it back to life makes me smile (I actually have a huge grin on my face now) with the use of words and pictures I intend to as much as possible show you my travels. Here I share the best experiences I could ever have imaged for myself, whilst also expressing my views of every country I landed in (and believe me there are some strong views.)

One thing I took away and so should you from reading and interacting with me would be don’t ever let opportunities slip. Can you imagine what I wouldn’t have seen if I didn’t go? So many people make excuses for not taking opportunities and it angers me that their excuses are never fit enough. Moving abroad was one of the best things that happened to me and I would be lying to say it didn’t. Making excuses about money, friends or family are not acceptable, money can be made back and as for friends and family they will remain where you left them when you return. It may seem rude, but it is very true! Seeing something so beautiful, so different with your own eyes cannot be taken away from you, making a new home so quickly takes courage and patience and time, but it’s possible. With that, I guess the phrase of there is ‘no place like home’ will become more understanding as you read about my travels and stay in Singapore.

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    There truly is no place like home ….

    Home is a place where you should feel safe, warm and most importantly yourself. You can smile, laugh, cry, eat, sleep, ...
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