UK Politics Has Turn Into The Movie – Mean Girls

We are now in the second week of #Brexit and so much is happening that even I can’t keep up!

Last time I spoke on the EU I was kind of hoping it would be the last time I had to speak on the topic, then something else popped up! It seems like everything that is happening is just an escalation of the EU referendum results. So again do read on for the updates that are about to be unfolded – I promise you I have tried to make it interesting.

So where does one even start?! My own views: The EU: My View On The Brexit! (already spoken on), PM’s resignation, markets up, markets down, Conservative Party, undemocratic leadership (in my opinion) and last but not least, Jeremy Corbyn’s party having lost all confidence in him!

UK Politics has thus turn into the movie: Mean Girls … Of those of you that haven’t watched it please do. It is hugely comical; but if you haven’t I am sure you can still understand where I am going with this.

Let’s start with David Cameron, who has rightly resigned (in my opinion… others may disagree) and his resignation has led to a competition! Does anyone remember Cady (not Katy) and Regina George’s competition for Prom Queen? Yes??? Well there’s about to be a winner at some point at the end of this year.

Then you’ve got “The Burn Book” where we saw some serious backstabbing in the movie, which is clearly unfolding with Michael Gove and Boris Johnson. Gove has voiced his “concerns” and has stated that Johnson may not be fit for Prime Minister (PM) after all! Despite all of Johnson’s efforts! Gove was being a clear frenemy, acting as Johnson’s wing man on the leave campaign – only for as long as it suited him – then he simply kicked Johnson to the curb! I would have to agree with Gretchen’s statement here and say


“frenemies are enemies who act as friends”

Did Gove really think this will help him become the next PM? (To be honest with you, it wouldn’t have surprise me with what’s going on in this country)

On the other side there’s Jeremy Corbyn who is just not stepping down as he should (again everyone is entitled to their own opinion). His cabinet have revolted and quite frankly have shown that they don’t think he is fit for the leadership of the Labour Party anymore!

The revolt started with famous Hilary Benn (the MP that backed Syrian bombs – remember?) who expressed his views to Corbyn, which of course Jeremy didn’t like and shot back with: you can’t sit with us!


Okay I know he may have not exactly said it in those exact words, but you get my drift right? Anyway since the dismissal, the rest of the cabinet have been dropping off like flies!

And let’s go back to the prom queen competition! Kady vs. Regina = Theresa May vs. Andrea Leadsom to be the next Prime Minister!!! All I will say is that I am certainly thankful that it’s not Michael Gove.

This is just a small midget of the unfolding ‘drama’- and It’s not even been a month! So I am afraid that the EU issue is going to remain an ongoing topic in our country and on #MyBreakingViews – for quite some time.
See, the beauty of politics is so similar to your everyday life, even a movie like Mean Girls.

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  1. Mary

    July 11, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    I love love the way you described it to a movie – it was so easy to relate!


    • MyBreakingViews

      July 11, 2016 at 8:46 pm

      Thank you so much, but it wasnt all mine lol.


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